Finding the Right Marketing List Broker

Consumer mailing lists, business mailing lists and data processing services can all be found under one roof at CAS. They aim to be one of the leading companies to offer their customers with consumer and business mailing lists, opt-in email lists, data processing and direct mail services to ensure the success of their customers. No other mailing lists broker or mailing list company can match with the level of high quality and marketing data present at CAS. Customers have many mailing lists to choose from which are consumer mailing lists, opt-in email marketing, mortgage mailing lists, business mailing lists, medical mailing lists and many more mailing lists. As a mailing lists broker CAS have proven over the last thirty years that they certainly do have all the knowledge and expertise of the marketing business. Their sales executives have more than eight years of industry experience and their customer service representatives have an average of more than twelve years of experience per employee.

They are aware of the fact that they only provide the best of lists and services to their customers. This is the reason why they offer their customers with a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee which entitles them to receive a full refund if they receive any bad data. What more could you ask for. As a mailing lists broker CAS have the responsibility to provide their customers with resources to maximize their data and marketing needs. Due their years of experience in this field they were able to create their own software which is CASS and PAVE certified that checks for accurate address information. The CAS Analytical Merge/Purge sorts out the customer's file according to individual names, addresses, phone numbers and more. This truly does make it so much easier for the customer. For privacy issues in telemarketing and direct mailing campaigns CAS as a mailing lists broker helps their customers maintain and update the many state do-not-call lists, the DMA telephone preference service (TPS) file and the DMA Pander File.

These records are taken care of automatically so that all business is done according to the federal and state legislation. CAS also helps their customers in keeping their database clean and up-to-date, their postal costs to a minimum and their mail on target. So they are indeed the one stop shop that is both flexible and responsive to their customers. Whether customers are looking for sales or customer service, programming or development, CAS as a mailing lists broker will make sure that their customers will be provided the best tools and knowledge for their marketing campaigns. Customers are also able to ask for a free quote on the website of CAS by providing their name, email address, phone number and a brief message so a helpful customer service representative can respond back to them. If they would like then they can also contact CAS directly over the phone. So come to CAS now and solve all your marketing needs in a quick and efficient manner.

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