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CAS is one of the mailing lists companies found online for all your marketing and data needs. They have been in business for almost thirty years and they have a talented team of professionals who have also created software to help with the business success of their clients. They have even received awards from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Nebraska due to their high ethical values and honest business practices with their clients, the community and associates. They make sure that their clients are dealt with the utmost importance, respect and integrity. CAS as one of the mailing lists companies provides many lists and services to their customers. Their aim is to be one of the leaders in offering their customers with consumer and business mailing lists, opt-in email lists, data processing and direct mail services. Customers have the option of choosing from a number of mailing lists such as consumer mailing lists, opt-in email marketing, mortgage mailing lists, business mailing lists, medical mailing lists and many other mailing lists. If the customers are confused on which one to choose or looking for quote then they can request for one right on their website.

Due to their years of experience as one of the most popular mailing lists companies, CAS have also developed software with the help of the professional and experience team working with them. Their sales executives have more than eight years of industry experience and their customer service representative average just more than twelve years of experience per employee. Their proprietary software is CASS and PAVE Certified which ensures that the correct and accurate information is provided to customers. It has been developed and maintained in-house for more than twenty five years now. The CAS Analytical Merge/Purge software takes care of all sorting out all the date and information for the customers or clients. This software has the ability to sort the customer's or prospect's file according to the individual names, addresses, phone numbers and more. As one of the most popular mailings lists companies CAS also takes care of all the privacy and security issues for their customers so they can handle their telemarketing and direct mailing campaigns with ease.

They do this by taking care of and updating the various state do-not-call lists from time to time, the DMA Telephone Preference Service (TPS) file and the DMA Pander File. The records are organized and censored automatically so that the client's marketing efforts are all according to the Federal and State legislation. Customers can also come to CAS for their mail and postal processing services. A lot of mailing lists companies do not understand that strong, long term relationships with customers can be valuable to the company. However, CAS makes it a necessity to make close bonds with their customers so they always come to them for their marketing and data needs for the success of their own and the customer's business. So contact CAS now for all your marketing needs.

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