Importance of Quality data in your Email Marketing program

CAS has been in the marketing business for almost thirty years and their sales executives each have more than eight years of industry experience . With all the years of experience and knowledge customers can be assured that they will receive the best services there such as opt in email lists and exceptional customer service when they come to CAS. A good mailing service increases and maximizes marketing success and provides intimate knowledge about the industry. In order to run a successful business one needs to have a reliable and resourceful backup. This is when the services and expertise of CAS come in. There are many business mailing lists to choose from at CAS. They provide a number of lists and services that include but are not limited to consumer mailing lists, opt in email marketing, mortgage mailing lists, business mailing lists, medical mailing lists and many other mailing lists. Since CAS started off their business services in 1981 their aim has always been to be the leader in offering consumer and business mailing lists, opt in email lists, data processing and direct mail services to ensure customer satisfaction.

Their high quality is clearly shown in their products everyday. CAS can help client start their email campaign any day with the help of their opt in email lists services. There are just three easy steps to follow. First the client will need to make their email list with the help of CAS so there email list is only targeted towards consumers or businesses, create their message with the help of the marketing professionals present at CAS and then the rests is also taken care of by CAS. All of their email campaigns are a hundred percent CAN-SPAM compliant and comply with all DMA (Direct Marketing Association) guidelines. CAS email marketing campaigns in opt in email lists are flexible, low in cost and high in quality. They can provide their customers with more than eight million opt-in email addresses where the customers can choose from both consumer and business lists. Then the customers has the choice from more than five hundred demographics such as age, income, home value, lifestyle interests, location and much more to narrow down their search results.

There are no duplications within the lists and their email databases are updated monthly. Best of all CAS guarantee that their customers will receive high delivery rates. So many customers are opting for email marketing over direct mail or printed newsletters as it becomes too costly. Email marketing is less expensive per contact and has proven to be the second most effective online marketing tactic. By having opt in email lists by CAS customers have the ability to deliver information to a wide range of specific, potential or current customers. If the customers receive any bad data than CAS refunds their money back which is their guarantee. For any questions or queries customers can contact the friendly and knowledgeable customer service team at CAS to learn about the lists and services offered by CAS.

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