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As cell phone usage increases to replace many landline telephones, it’s more important than ever to include cellular numbers in your phone append and verification services. The CAS Premium Phone Append processing service can now include access to the largest database of cellular telephone numbers.

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Telephone & Cell Phone Append Process

CAS' proprietary in-house software increases phone number accuracy for more effective telemarketing.   Your customer or prospect data is processed against FOUR of the largest telephone databases in the country, and now can include our Mobile / Cell Phone Append Process. No other company can touch the volume and quality of our phone append processing.

After the records are processed against the landline and/or cellular telephone databases, the non-matched records move on to the "Second Pass" of the phone append / cell phone append / verify process.

In the Second Pass, we run the non-matched records through our Directory Assistance phone append database. This database, updated weekly, consists of every household and business in the US. From this file, we carry up to 7 numbers per record, helping to increase matches on the verification process.

The third step runs all non-matched records through our Daily New Connects and Disconnects.  Match rates are typically lower from the third pass, however these records are the freshest and most up to date.


Why are the CAS' Cellular / Mobile / Landline Phone Append & Verification Services the BEST in the industry?

  • Quality Information - CAS uses a single file made up of multiple national databases to provide the best phone numbers and information available.
  • On-Time Performance - CAS keeps our delivery time promises. In direct marketing, the importance of on-time performance is paramount. CAS will not be late.
  • Quality & Accurate Reporting - CAS Phone Append reports include a state-by-state report with the numbers of records searched and found.
  • Matching Logic Confidence Levels - CAS confidence codes allow the client to tailor the quantities and quality of the telephone numbers returned.
  • Do Not Call (FTC & STATE DNC) Edits - CAS houses all "Do-Not-Call" files (FTC, State Specific and Privacy Advocate).
  • Verification - Using the Phone Number Verification option, CAS can flag a client's list for phone number matches. The client's file must contain a phone number, and that phone number must be defined in the file definition. The entire number, including area code, must match to be considered a verified phone number.

Contact a sales representative for additional questions and pricing on our phone append and verify services. We will be happy to assist you with a FREE mobile phone append and / or verify test, along samples of any of our reports.

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