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Turbo-Link List Connect from CAS!

With Turbo-Link List Connect from CAS, you can seamlessly integrate our consumer, business, and specialty files directly into your web platform. Using your own front end interface or GUI, you'll have direct access to any of our quality and responsive databases for query and list rental.

What is a Data Pipe?

Turbo-Link List Connect was built for companies who want to incorporate quality data and mailing list sales into their existing web site. Turbo-Link List Connect has an unlimited number of applications such as: print-on-demand, data services, customer analytics, direct mail, and many more. The Turbo-Link List Connect gives your users the power to access and manage consumer and business data through your existing web site and query system.

Just a few advantages:

Use the same quality data as with your own interface

- Integrate our continuously updated data into an existing system

- Lower set-up and maintenance fees than competitive products

- Select any of our available databases, with no additional data licenses needed

- Save order history for suppression

- Utilize any of the hundreds of available demographics

A Turbo-Link List Connect is the perfect solution to fit multi-sourced databases into your current web initiatives, providing you with more data and the ability to use your own interface without the costs of maintaining the data internally.

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