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Data Append & Enhancement

Learn more about your customers by enhancing your customer database with current information that will help you increase the effectiveness and success of your target marketing efforts. Match your database against the nation's largest and most comprehensive consumer database, ConsumerVision. This file consists of 230 million individuals and 150 million households nationwide.

Over 500 Available Demographic Elements

Psychographics, Email, and lifestyle elements available for append, you can understand the household income, age, occupation, education levels, presence of children and lifestyle characteristics of your customers.

Appending demographics, behavioral and mortgage information gives you the clearest picture of who your customers really are and allows you to market to them the proper way.

Average Demographic Append Matching Percentage

Varies depending on the accuracy of the names on your list. Your record must match our database record exactly, otherwise no match will be given. The average percentage appended is 60 to 70 percent, depending on the variables selected.

Running some form of address verification and standardization, such as CASS, NCOALink, DSF, and DPV may improve the append percentage and is recommended before processing your list. Your sales representative will be able to make the best recommendation for your situation.

Opt-In Email Append Services NOW AVAILABLE

Landline and Cellular Phone Append - NOW AVAILABLE

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New & Improved Demographic Lifestyle Categories

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