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What is Turbo List Manager?

Turbo List Manager is an online mailing and email list count and order system that allows a client's file to be posted on the web, allowing the company's internal and external clients to run queries and place orders for consumer lists. With Turbo List Manager, there is no more waiting hours or even days for counts and orders. You and your clients have access to your files 24/7!

Who is it for?

Turbo List Manager is the perfect solution for list owners/managers who want...

- instant access to their data 24/7.

- to increase list rental sales without increasing their staff.

- to increase income by adding a full suite of robust demographics to their files.

- to have an easy method for updating and maintaining their files.

- a cost-effective solution to a growing demand for their data.

Who will use it?

Turbo List Manager is utilized by list owners and managers for any of the following: customer and prospect databases; subscriber, donor, and response files; professional/organization information, enrollment data, and more.

Anyone who wants a turnkey solution to count management, data updates and maintenance, and list order and invoice fulfillment is the perfect candidate for Turbo List Manager.

Turbo List Manager can...

- load your file "as is" or add a new revenue stream by including full demographic information overlaid onto your file.

- run a count, produce the order, and bill your client in less time than it takes to merely provide a count on many platforms.

- be utilized by both internal AND external users - you decide who has access to your data.

- be fully customizable and scalable - it can grow with the demand for your files.

- make the entire process, from counts and orders, to royalty usage and billing, a completely automated function.

- shorten your sales cycle and help increase revenue without increasing overhead.

CAS' Turbo List Manager is the perfect solution to provide your clients the ability to run counts and place orders for consumer lists. It’s a great way to enhance your produce offering and increase revenue as well as profit.


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