Eliminate up to 30% of "Phantom Records” from your marketing

Phantom Finder is our patented "negative merge/purge” innovation that identifies and eliminates 10% to 30% of "phantom records” on your direct marketing lists. The result is a significant reductions in postage and mailing costs.

No longer do savvy marketers have to worry about their personalized marketing message or expensive mailpiece getting into the wrong hands. This product identifies prospects on a mailing list that are less than ideal candidates to respond to a direct mail campaign.

Through a CAS proprietary negative merge/purge process Phantom Finder can identify and flag prospects that are not "who they appear” to be. With direct mail expenses continuing to increase and with mail security becoming a prevalent issue, it makes more sense than ever to direct your mailing efforts to the "right person”. Fewer wasted marketing messages, less waste of expensive marketing materials and lower postage costs, all combine for a higher return on investment.

CAS has developed Phantom Finder using the highest quality aggregated multi-sourced consumer database in the industry, ConsumerVision. By using this service, you can add that missing ingredient, "confidence” to your direct mail campaign. Phantom Finder is an essential component for any size or type of direct mail campaign.

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