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We're proud to announce the release of our upgraded Turbo count & order system! Turbo allows our customers instantly access hundreds of data elements, the ability to run their own counts, place orders and had private label capabilities. There are no costs to setup and use, so it's budget friendly. Turbo gives you access to every household and business in the US. You can customize your list with hundreds of demographics and target specific geographies. We are transparent with the data you're receiving and allow you to review and analyze your data, BEFORE you buy the list. Once you're ready, you can download your custom list for immediate use on your next marketing campaign!

Soon after you register, you'll receive a User-ID and password, and you're ready to go. Just log in, choose your geography and list criteria, run your count, and review your results. If you happy with the count, submit your order and download your list. It’s that easy!

You can always count on CAS data quality, accuracy, & deliverability.
We stand behind every list we sell. Guaranteed!

Turbo is CAS' premier online count and order system. Not only are you working with a sophisticated online count system available, it is also one of the fastest. Most counts are returned to your screen within minutes of executing the request and orders are available within an hour. Select your criteria, submit the count, and download the list. It’s really that easy! The Turbo Count & Order system can be accessed via any of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Safari.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us at 866-461-4693 or click here to sign up today!

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Mailing Lists

Consumer Mail List

Reach Your Target Market with the highest quality mailing lists from CAS.

CAS' online count and ordering system puts you in control. See the results of your personal counts while you wait.

Choose your demographics, make changes to the selects, change the count size, and order in a few simple steps. Marketing results at your finger tips.


Private Label

Consumer Mail List

Sell Mailing Lists Online

Turbo-Marketing.net is now available for private label use. With minimal effort, you can start selling lists online on your own branded site - and it couldn't be easier!

This new opportunity gives list brokers and resellers a new source of profits. We make it simple: NO software set-up, NO programming NO maintenance & NO volume licensing agreements.


Data Pipe

application software connect to a list database

Get your system connected to our B2B and B2C marketing data with Turbo-Link.

With a Data Pipe from CAS you can seamlessly integrate our consumer, business, and specialty files directly into your web platform.

Using your front end interface, you'll have direct access to millions of business and consumer records for counts and list rental.


List Management

Consumer Mail List

Get your list online with our online list management tool.

Put simply, Turbo-List Manger is an on-line count and order system that allows your file to be posted on the web, allowing your company and external clients to run queries and place orders for mailing lists.

With Turbo-List Manager, there is no more waiting hours or even days for counts and orders. Get instant access to your data 24/7, 365 days a year.


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